our new kitchen may not be much to look at yet, but i think the ceiling-in-progress is beautiful. a lot of hard work has been happening and i am so grateful to think that soon we'll be living in this pretty room! lots to look forward to. of course, lots to be enjoying now, as well. 
another monday means hudson and i spent most of the day together while lucy was at her drop-off nature class. we hike around the marin watershed. it's so lovely there, with lots of little paths and places to wander. hudson talks my ear off while tucker sleeps. he is big into what-if type questioning. "mommy! what if this pipe went all the way to our house? mommy! what if i dug a hole up to my head? mommy! what if this backhoe turned on while i was playing next to it? and what if i took all the rocks and thew them in the lake? mommy! what if i was always wearing my shirt like this, even if it rained?" 

oh my goodness. the boy can talk. after awhile we headed back into town to do the grocery shopping. he likes to push the cart but today i didn't feel like watching little old ladies get run down and i got him to ride. and when i lifted him out of the baby seat to get into the car, he put his sweaty arms around my head and put his forehead against mine and said "you are the best taker-care of, mama." which is three-year-old speak for "i love you," plain and simple. 

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