the rest of the world may have been focusing on the elections today, but we had something else topping the list of things important. hudson no longer has to proclaim to the world, "but i'm almost THREE!" it's official. his birthday is finally here. 

i was feeling quite bad yesterday in realizing that i hadn't done much in the way of making anything for hudson's birthday. i had a couple of items tucked away as far as gifts were concerned (a vintage toy truck, a cement mixer and some thrifted brio train track), but nothing mama-made. then i saw lucy prancing around the backyard with a piece of paper clipped to her head, and plans for a birthday crown fell right into place. 
here we have:

figure a: the inspiration. old computer paper, done up with fringe and hair clips to make a " fancy indian crown." 
figure b: the perfectly-timed, highly-unlikely nap that made it all possible. please note the backwards shorts, the dirty feet and the bulldozer tucked under his bottom. little boys are fantastic.
figure c: the finished product. made from wool felt i had on hand and totally thrown together without a pattern or measurements (several fittings took place unbeknownst to the heavy sleeper). 
figure d: lucy's hair today, inspired by all things royal. 
the day's events included a fancy breakfast, a sushi picnic, his first soccer skills class, park time, naptime, tacos, presents, cake from scratch and a much anticipated bob the builder episode. three year olds are so easy to please when you're actively trying to please them. it's amazing. 

still looking forward to a party in his honor this sunday, plus a very special gift arriving next week by mail. to quote lucy, "birthdays are very happy days." yes, this was a good one indeed. 
11/8/2012 08:51:57 am

So wonderful! The crown reminds me of Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Sounds like a very special birthday too!


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