our elves have been up to a whole lot of fun this month, with only a little bit of mischief mixed in. a little bit of mischief is good, i think. keeps the kiddos on their toes. take, for instance, the elf writing their names across their foreheads while they slept. i think perhaps the elf meant to write backwards, in hopes that they could read their names when they looked in the mirror? something went wrong there. hmmm. in any event, it made for an awfully cute morning. not to mention that they refused to wash it off before going out yesterday. people get a kick out of my kids, that's for sure. 

if you are looking for last minute elf-on-the-shelf ideas, this is a good one. other favorites have been setting out a tray of homemade cloud dough (we subbed olive oil for baby oil and it turned out fine), hanging up new decorations in the house (or the kids own artwork), and anything involving copious amounts of paint, glitter, glue, etc. i found a great mini muffin pan at the thrift store that is fantastic for setting out art supplies (69 cents!). cover a table in paper and let the kids have at it!
i for one will be sad to see the elves packed away when the holidays are over. they are just too much fun!

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