flowers by lucy. the collection started with one, and due to my excitement, i suppose, has continued to grow. such sweetness, watching her figure out drawing, all on her own, without guidance. we've always kept many art supplies down within reach of the kids. they get into it all, everyday, usually in the mornings before breakfast. good stuff. 
we got the first of the strawberries at the farmer's market last week. as you can see, they were not totally ripe but the kids thought they were such a treat. tucker too. we've had a string of sunny days. reaching the point where it seems winter may not actually last forever. the strawberries are a good reminder of things to come. 
speaking of spring, our chickens are downright confused by all of the sunshine. the above photo is not the greatest, but it does show off the newest little peep-peeps in our coop. this mama hen hatched out two ducklings and a chick early in the week. they are so stinking cute. i get an especially good laugh when the ducklings hop into their water bowl, and the little chick (which hudson named bingo) hops in after them. they're all up to their knees in water (well, they don't really have knees but you get the idea) and mama hen looks at them like they're a bunch of crazies! yes, mama hen, i feel that way about my own three every now and then. 
baby chicks are cute but i am just in love with ducklings. we will be moving to a bigger property in the next few months and we'll be able to have a bigger duck flock. i am so excited!
lucy has learned to ride a pedal bike. this deserves a post of its own, but i will say that transitioning from her strider balance bike to a real bike without training wheels went off without a hitch. i can't say enough good things about the strider bikes that we own. they are truly fantastic (and of course our gal is pretty fantastic, too!). 
2/21/2013 08:39:43 am

Paper bouquets can be even prettier than the real thing sometimes. :) Congrats to Lucy getting up on two wheels!


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