we had time to kill this morning before shlepping not one, not two, but all three kids to the dr's office for routine checkups. bless that lovely woman. she put up with a whole lotta drama from my brood, and she did it with a smile while handing out stickers. i mean, really, shoes were flying and i'm sure our shrieks could be heard in the waiting room and beyond.

the good news is that, after nearly 2 hours of poking and prodding, all three are healthy as can possibly be, current with their vaccinations and don't need to be seen again for a good long while. good thing, because i can't handle the havoc!

anyway, back to this morning. the kids had amassed a bunch of bottle tops and were playing with them in their playroom, sorting them by color and putting them into little rows. fighting ensued--she's got mine and he's got too many and ohmygod those are MINE and wah wah wah. so we talked about working together--combining those coveted stashes--to make something that they could both enjoy. with a hammer and a screw and some string, a little bottletop snake was put together. hudson was surprisingly adept at punching the holes (he only hit my fingers with the hammer 842 times) while lucy enjoyed stringing the tops together. a good fine motor skills workout, this project. 
now we have a pet snake. they fed it cucumbers for lunch. because, you know, bottletop snakes love that kind of thing. 

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