about possibly coming back to this space. it's been awhile. and while i am sure there are only crickets here, at this point, we've got some good stuff going on. too good not to share. 
we have a new home, and by now we've unpacked most of what brought over to this new place. winter throughout california has been incredibly warm, giving us lots of opportunity to enjoy all of the new space. the kids are having a blast. we're kind of forgetting to homeschool. i tell myself that lots of good learning is happening out there. there's always time for learning at the kitchen table, right?
lucy is in kindergarten. we're homeschooling through a charter instead of sending her to the school down the road. most of the time i think this is a good decision, though sometimes i wonder what the heck i have gotten myself into. she's able to read a good bit, is working on her numbers and the rest of the items on the kindergarten agenda, most of which strike me as natural things that come up during the course of everyday life. for homeschooling, kindergarten seems a good place to start. it's very forgiving. and so is she. 
hudson is hudson. he's recently turned four and seems to run on nothing but fruit and air. hudson is the one of all three children that i might not see for nearly the entire day, if it weren't for the fact that each activity he sets his  mind on requires a complete wardrobe change. thus, i see him as he darts from the bedroom to the yard, grabbing fruit (of course) for his journey. hudson is lucy's most-of-the-time cohort and is therefore also being sort of homeschooled. hudson is an interesting student. 
tucker. oh my, tucker is not only one year old now, but one and a half. a walking, talking, potty training, follow-in-my-siblings-footsteps kind of guy. he says things like "good morning, honey," "o.k, mama," and "alright, guys." tucker is mama's delight, as all last babies are. tucker is the kind of last baby who makes mama want to have another baby, and soon. because of self-imposed laws regarding proximity to mama, tucker is also being sort of homechooled. the kid can count and knows some letter sounds. kindergarten should be a breeze when it comes time for round three. 
jeremy and i are the same except he no longer looks like a girl. i shouldn't kid, he donated that lovely mop to locks of love and it's very sweet, especially considering i cut my hair before lucy was born, intending to donate it and then never went through with the plan. i still have that hair in a bag, somewhere.  
we took over 200 photos for our christmas card this year. in nearly every one of them, someone is pulling a sad face (see above) despite the fact that there were jelly beans involved. i should probably admit it was 30 degrees out while shooting that morning, but still. jellybeans!

i like this photo anyway. it embodies so much of the good that is here in our new home--sunrise coming over the hill, frost on the ground, tons of space for the kids and animals to run around and do their thing. it's our new chapter and we're happy to be living it. 

till next time!
7/11/2015 12:27:47 pm

Miss your blog badly! It was the first one I ever followed. I bought your first homemade diapers. I used them on my first who is about 6 months younger or so than lucy and on my second currently


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