a busy end to another busy week. things just don't seem to slow down around here--i guess that's what you get when you're working with a trio of kids. tucker has officially found his feet. it's a bit of an obsession. he finds them completly entertaining which is super convenient--a toy that can't get away from him. check out that thigh chunk. perfection! in case you're wondering, we are cloth diapering as always. with this third go-round, i've packed up all of our pockets, all-in-ones and hybrid diapers--even most of our mama-made fitteds--in favor of a stack of good, old-fashioned prefolds. we have 36 cloth-eze prefolds from green mountain diapers and an assortment of covers. i'm currently drawn to prefolds for their ease of laundering (non-fussy cotton washes up easier than suedecloth and microfiber) and no stuffing/folding/snapping needed when putting them away. we use PUL covers during the day and wool covers at night. i'm pinning the diapers in lieu of a snappi and loving it. i have never been this charmed with the simplicity of prefolds. there is nothing so sweetly vintage on a little baby bum than a plain white prefold & pins!
the thrift haul was good today. i got out without any kids in tow and spent over an hour by myself at my favorite thrift store with a $5 off $10 coupon in hand. tucker got some much-needed long sleeved shirts and a pair of warm robeez boots, and lucy got a new dress. hudson got a jacket, i got a few tops. my total was $26. the boots alone are worth $35 new (they were $2.99), so i was pretty pleased with my purchases!

i managed to do a bit of sewing last night and this afternoon--diaper covers for tucker plus a new liner for my diaper pail. it feels good to be knocking some things off of my ever-growing list. a wonderful friend gave me an old wool sweater, from that i was able to make two new diaper covers. it doesn't get cheaper than free wool! i was reminded of how much i actually love to sew. christmas is apparently around the corner and i'd like to get some handmade items under the tree for the kids to unwrap. if only i could figure out what! we've also got a birthday headed this way--hudson will be THREE on the 6th of november. for his birthday he would like to meet bob the builder and have a cement mixer cake with a backhoe. um, let me get right to work on that. 
two covers--one pull-on longies style, one wrap (with gussets!) with snap closure...

we spent most of this week hanging out at the pool and doing other outside things, soaking up this last bit of sun before the rain heads into our neck of the woods next week. the kids are sporting suntans and bleached hair--eeking out every drop of warm weather that we can. we ate dinners outside and abstained from all things pumpkin. we've even tossed around the idea of a camping trip to close out the end of the month, as long as the weather is right. we'll see. 

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