this little guy was long overdue for a haircut. he, however, disagreed. i stopped picking that battle long ago. so when he came to me at 7:15 this morning asking for a trim, i whipped out the scissors as fast as i could. didn't even have to bribe him with a lollipop, although he did ask for chips and an orange while i was working. lucy was happy to oblige him of that. 
it's nice to see those pretty green eyes again! i didn't get a "before" shot but trust me, they were hidden under a mess of blonde fringe. i think he's happy with the results as well. "mama! i can SEE when i'm working!" yes, good vision is important for any farmer when he's out tilling his fields at 7:30. don't you think?
*note the farmer's choice on jammies--a vintage infant sleeping gown. it's in sad shape after being a long-time first pick from the pajama drawer, but a favorite nonetheless. every time i pull it from the washer i'm thrilled to see it still intact. so sweet on my little boy, who is getting bigger by the day. three years old on tuesday!!!

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