autumn may very well be in effect, but we're smack dab in the middle of a heatwave. i for one am welcoming it with open arms--we've had lots of fog in recent weeks and have even busted out sweatshirts and jeans for playing outside. i like to keep summer going as long as possible, especially as the days grow ever shorter. 

jeremy took the above photo yesterday. that's my grandpa taking a rest on the slide in the shade. love it. 

there's not too much else to report here. we've been doing a bit of preschool homeschooling in the afternoons, which is taking up some of our time. i have a big collection of vintage workbooks and thrifted schooling materials, along with things that have been handed down to us by my mom, who teaches first grade. it's quite an undertaking, but of course we're taking it very lightly--more like play than anything else. watching and listening to lucy sounding out and spelling words and learning to write is simply amazing. hudson now knows many of his letter sounds, so it seems that this "playtime" is really paying off. i hadn't thought of formally beginning to teach him, he's just kind of picking it up along they way. another benefit to having an older sibling!

i used thredup a few weeks ago in cleaning out lucy's closet and was pleased with what they took and how much they paid for my items. in the past i have used a (sort of) local consignment store and this was much easier. i am not being paid to mention them--just a recommendation if you are looking to part with some kiddie clothes. they send you a big bag, which you then fill with whatever good condition clothes you no longer need. the bag has a prepaid return shipping label, so there is no expense involved with sending away your old stuff!
speaking of stuff, we have been going through toys and books, donating much in an attempt to simplify. i find that if i leave it up to my kids on their own, they will often part with things that i wouldn't have expected. i think that's a good thing. i have to be mindful not to pass my own attachments for certain items on to them. 

i battle with the whole "stuff" thing. many of the toys that we have are classic, vintage or edcuational. because we are a part of thrift culture, most have it has been gotten very cheaply. i keep it well organized, so it's not like we're tripping over junk all day long. when it's all put away, we would appear to have very few toys. not the case at all!

all over blogland, people are embracing minimalism. i liked this post at minimalist mom a lot, mostly because it balances the desire for less with the comfort of having. lucy and hudson keep themselves very busy. we don't have a television--most of their day is spent simply entertaining themselves. jeremy and i are involved with them in the mornings and the evenings, plus a bit of school time in the afternoon. but other than that, if we're at home, these two are on their own. our toys get a lot of use. i appreciate that. they also get dragged out, mixed up and left out for me to clean up. i'll get frustrated to the point of wanting to get rid of more, just so that i have to deal with less. a balancing act for sure. 

well. that's just a bit of what's been on my mind lately. 

oh, and these. we've got everything to make them, just waiting for a cool day to come... yes, they have definitely been taking up space in my mind!

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