how could i have neglected to mention the recent fluff & feathers? it's been nearly a month now since these cuties hatched. the backstory is funny--good friends of ours adopted ducklings at the same time we did, last easter. we ordered 2 females and 1 male, and that's what we ended up with. they ordered 3 females and ended up with--you guessed it--3 males. not good for getting eggs, thats for sure. 

since our girls are now laying (and our boy is now fertilizing), we were able to give them a bunch of duck eggs for hatching. they had a broody chicken, who took to the eggs with no problem at all. the end result was six baby ducks following around a mama hen! too cute. 

we visited the ducklings last week, and already they have doubled in size and are getting their grown up feathers. why must all babies grow so terribly fast? 

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