burr, a chill is most definitely in the air around here. the kids have been rockin' their lined boots and heavy sweatshirts. i've seen a scarf or two in the rotation. i myself am wearing socks, so you know the season has indeed finally shifted over to fall. i'm so thankful for those boots i found for tucker at the thrift store a few weeks ago. his little toes are warm when he's outside hanging (literally) in his favorite spot--the thrifted park swing. 

thoughts regarding food have turned to all things warming. the kids are no longer rising from their naps asking for homemade popsicles and sliced fruit, instead they want popcorn, peanut butter on toast, hot chocolate. we pop corn over the stove, then add butter and grated parmesan cheese. just the other day i made use of the leftover honey butter by melting it down and tossing it with the popped corn. i thought it was delicious, the kids thought it was just so-so. sticklers for the ordinary, those two.  

we make our own hot chocolate mix. i use this recipe, omitting the cornstarch (unless i happen to have organic on hand) and the cayenne. it's obviously quite high in sugar, so it is an every-so-often treat. i did get them a chocolate drink mix with organic greens, fruits and veggies mixed in, thinking they could enjoy it daily. they were not fooled, in case you're wondering. hudson actually told me i was naughty for making his milk taste bad. sorry, dude. 
how are you keeping warm?
11/16/2012 06:41:32 am

Hi! I've been keeping warm with soup, after soup, after soup recipe. The latest was roasted apple, fennel, and pumpkin soup — I pureed half of it to thicken, added farro, and served with walnuts and goat cheese. It was great! I just had my first hot chocolate of the season today, which also made me think of hot chocolate + baileys + frangelico. For adults only, and I highly recommend.



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