demolition work started on our new-to-us house yesterday. jeremy knows me pretty well. instead of wine and chocolates, i got pulled-up carpet and piles of sheetrock. i'll take dust and debris over presents any day of the week. especially if it gets us closer to moving into what is hopefully our forever home. of course, we thought that about our current home. life has a funny way of taking you for a good ride sometimes.  this new place will eventually be a real, true farm with lots of animals--a dream come true for a gal like me. there are 20 acres for the kids to run and explore and play and get into mischief. we're so excited to start this new (and very unexpected) chapter in our lives!
of course, we weren't entirely without a little glitter. lucy did a bit of art, and all three kids ended up taking a nap in the car on the way home from the farmers market. what more can a mama ask for in the way of true love?
Rochelle Jeffery
2/15/2013 05:29:07 am

I have just spent an hour 'lost' on your page. What a beautiful family you have and what an incredible mother, wife and friend you have become! It is lovely to share in the simple things you have grown to be passionate about. I must tell you our 2 lives could not be any different! I wonder if we'd be as good of friends as we were all those years ago.

2/15/2013 11:01:38 am

rochelle! thank you for your kind words. of course we would still be good friends. opposites attract! ;)

of course as mamas to a bunch of blonde headed babes i'm sure we've got much more in common than you think!


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