a belated post, no doubt about it. the little guy is crawling like crazy and we're all busy keeping up after him. sick at the moment, but (mostly) all smiles otherwise. he's got teeth finally coming in, on top of fighting a cold. having recently been knocked down by a virus myself, i feel for him. 
he looks a little strawberry here, no? as with lucy, i think it will fade. but cute while it lasts... 
i picked up this vintage rocking horse over a year ago at a little flea market shop in berkeley. at the time i thought i paid too much ($20) but tucker has gotten a good bit of use out of it. he's the first of my babies that doesn't mind spending a bit of time entertaining himself. of course it's never long before someone is bringing him toys and books and food. such is the life of a third babe. we love him!

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