a mystery chicken has been laying the prettiest little green eggs in our coop. all of the chicks that hatched this past spring and summer are finally getting old enough to lay, and though i haven't seen any of them in the nesting boxes, i know these green eggs must be coming from one of the two easter eggers. overall egg production is low, due of course to the shortening of days. we were able to sell and give away carton after carton of eggs this summer, now we have barely enough to feed ourselves. 

the ducks have kept at it and are laying very regularly. i see more ducks in our future--the eggs are large and the ducks themselves are very fun to have around. i like to see them pit-patting all around the yard. duck eggs though, are not so pretty to look at--the shells are kind of dingy and scratched. the easter egger chickens lay the picture-perfect eggs that look straight out of a martha stewart magazine. after nearly 6 years of keeping chickens, i am still excited to go out and collect eggs every day. 

as a write this i can see a bunch of soggy chickens walking about in the yard. they have access to a large, dry coop filled with fresh hay and yet they choose to be out pecking for worms and such in the wet ground. more power to them! i will stick close to my cozy fire, thankful for those hard-working gals in the yard. and speaking of giving thanks--wow, thanksgiving is here. slow down, autumn! we're not ready for winter yet!

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