what appears to be a facelift of sorts for our blog & website is actually a complete move to a new host/website rebuild. i'm hoping that with this more user-friendly site, blogging will be a bit less time consuming, and will rank higher on my "things i'd like to do" list instead of being at the bottom of my "things i don't want to do but should do list." i'm excited! 
we are mostly finished with halloween preparations. hudson opted to be a farmer, which made things quite easy for me. in all honesty, these photos were taken about a month ago on our first trip to the pumpkin patch. you see, hudson dresses himself this way almost every day (except the vintage cowboy shirt, which i stow away for safekeeping). he's a real farmer at heart and you can often find him outside in his boots and hat "working in the fields."

lucy, on the other hand, decided to be a "quiet fairy who delivers easter eggs." though the description was a bit ambiguous, her vision was surprisingly clear. we had lots of fun during a few thrift store adventures picking out pieces to her costume. i have yet to see it all on her together and i am looking forward to wednesday. we are hoping for no rain, though we are not that big on trick or treating. our neighborhood does not have sidewalks so most kids around here seem to go elsewhere. for my non-candy eaters, it seems silly to truck them into a different neighborhood to collect candy that we'll end up throwing away. 

i did, however, LOVE mama natural's "switch witch" idea and have been playing it up with the kids. they're fully excited to hand over any candy they get over the coming days to the sugar-lovin' witch. no idea yet what i'll give them in return, but it will be something small, as hudson's birthday is just around the corner and i'm already brainstorming ideas for the christmas elf. tis the season of stuff, no doubt!

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