have you heard of the elf-on-the-shelf? this is our first year doing it (in the past having done a more traditional advent) and we are having so much fun! the basic idea is that you've got your little elf, and he keeps watch on you during the day, reporting back to santa while you're sleeping. when he gets back from the north pole, he's got nothing to do because you're sleeping, so he gets up to a little mischief in the house. though i have to say, our elves are more nice than naughty--leading by example, right?

so, meet apples, sparkle and... the name of tucker's elf currently escapes me. lucy named it so it's probably something like doily or buttercup. anyway. so far this talented trio have mixed up a batch of pumpkin doughnut batter (flour everywhere!!!). the following night, each elf stitched up a pair of christmas pajama bottoms (they are messy little tailors, let me tell you). 

last night the elves pulled out all of the train track that we own, and set it up throughout the entire living room. in lucy's words it was "amazing." i simply did not believe my eyes. ;) wow, we have a whole lotta train track... "it goes around the couch!!!" 

the kids have been into bed for hours now, already the elves have done their work for tomorrow. they've papered the top of the dining table, and have sprinkled out a new set of crayon rocks. unfortunately for me they've got paper running all through the house and have made a mess of the tape. sigh. those mischievous little elves! 

seriously though, is there nothing better than the total acceptance that kids have of crazy stories and ideas? i love spinning tales for the kids so this is right up my alley. and i love that it's allowing for a more experience-driven advent rather than gift-y. there are plenty of gifts to come on christmas day, and though i do have a few things tucked away as elf gifts, they are more activity-based (like the crayons) or handmade, (like the pants). 

i hope to share more of our elf-on-the-shelf escapades, so stay tuned!
12/5/2012 10:00:07 am

Your elves are much more fun than ours. I love the activity driven "pranks", we may just have to light a fire under our "Tonto" ;)

12/5/2012 02:18:51 pm

aw, i have elf name envy! "tonto" is a good one!


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